Self Love & RuPaul

I know, I know. The term ‘self love’ can feel uncomfortable. It is something that appears a little six-pack inducing-ly cringe-y and, well, a bit ‘bleh’ really. However, it is something that we should *maybe* try to embrace…

Consider who has been:

There throughout your whole life?

There for your highest highs?

There that time you found a £10.00 note in your pocket on your way to buy lunch?

There when you were attempting a sophisticated blonde look for your new job but ended up an eye-popping sharp’s bin yellow?

There during that time when your friend made you watch ’50 shades of Grey’ (feel free to pop another film in here) and you were wondering what had happened to your life?

There when you were at your lowest of lows?

That’s right, let me here you say “Me, Myself and I”.


One of my dearest friends from university was doing a challenge on Instagram where she had to post something positive about herself every day. Apart from the ‘oh gosh I wouldn’t be able to do that feeling’, it made me think about the time I went to stay with my sister in her university flat.

In her kitchen she had a life-size drawing of the extraordinary RuPaul and in her toilet she had a poster with one of his quotes pinned to the wall:

If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?

Can I get an Amen up in here?

How fabulous is this quote? I love it.

For February’s letter I created my own little pick me up poster for my friends, popped it in an envelope and sent it off in the snail mail. I hope that it reminds my girl friends how amazing they are! What’s your favourite way to show yourself a bit of self love?


NOTE: the gorgeous font for ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ is called ‘Sweet Pea’ by Emily Spadoni. I downloaded it from this website.

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