A good place to start


If you are thinking about letter writing but don’t know where to start, Paperchase have a lovely selection of letter writing paraphernalia. The number of options available can feel overwhelming, so, if you like plain, simple and good value money I can recommend the following:

The paper comes in 10 different pastel colours: peach, ivory, grey, yellow, green, blue, pink, lilac, white and orange. The envelopes come in the same 10 hues so you can match them or mix it up if you’re feeling dangerous.


The pastel coloured paper means that your writing is easily legible on the page and the paper feels of good quality. I wrote ‘HELLO!‘ in a black Crayola felt tip pen and it didn’t really show through on the opposite side:


Value-wise letter writing kits are about £6.00 for 10 envelopes and 20 letters (so about 60p per letter that you send). This is £8.00 for 30 envelopes. This equates to about 27p per letter but there would be lots of paper left over. A more realistic estimate would be to buy two packs of envelopes (£6.00 instead of 3). This would equate to about 18p per letter.

Overall, I’m really happy with these two purchases.  They provide a great inexpensive way to get into letter writing.

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