Paperchase writing sets

Paperchase is one of the best places to go if you are looking for a letter writing set. If you don’t want anything too extravagant, I reviewed their spectrascope pastel paper and envelope collection here. If you would like something that feels a little more special, this post is for you.

The first letter writing set I bought was a fruity one. It contained 20 sheets of writing paper, 10 envelopes (5 pink and 5 lime), address labels and a selection of fruity stickers to seal the envelopes with. I really loved the additional touches of address labels and stickers. They made the letters look really special.



The letter writing sets I bought this week didn’t have the address labels or stickers which is disappointing (I should have probably paid more attention when buying). Nevertheless, I chose the letter writing sets purely because I liked the designs.

Letter writing set one: Tribal wallet writing set (£6.00)

I am an absolute sucker for pom poms. Bunting, throws, pillows,  scarves, I have bought them in many shapes and forms over the last few years. I love how they finish off the tribal print wallet.


It makes you feel as though the writing set is something very special. The set comprises of 20 sheets of A5 writing paper (in a pale green-blue and what I will describe as a dark lilac colour) and 10 purple envelopes with tribal design linings.


The writing paper is completely blank on the front and the green-blue and lilac sheets have their own tribal designs on the back. My one slight  criticism is that there are no stickers and that the lilac colour is quite dark.


Back to the positives… the writing paper is quite thick and feels of  good quality and the tribal designs are really gorgeous in real life (I ordered these online).

Letter writing set two: No Probllama writing set (£8.00)

Oh my, I think I have died and gone to stationery heaven.


Apart from the missing stickers (I bought their llama stickers to compensate), I can’t really fault this collection. In January I bought the No Probllama passport holder it has pom poms stuck to the front and everyone who worked in the airports when I went to France commented on how nice it was. I was anxious to see whether the pom poms would survive the trip but they all made it back in one piece.


The letter writing set comes in an attractive wallet adorned with pom poms like the Tribal set above. The lilac and pale green writing paper mean that your writing is easily legible and I absolutely adore the little llamas.


Unfortunately, apart from my own pictures, I cannot find a link online to the set but they do have these amazing note cards. I think they will be the next things on my shopping list! I saw them in store last week but had just made an order with Paperchase (otherwise I would have bought them there and then). The pom pom details add such a fun element to the cards. I would be filled with so much happiness if I received one of these in the mail. They would definitely be pinned to the fridge or framed so I could admire them everyday.

Overall, two great letter writing sets. The winner for me is, of course, No Probllama.

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