International women’s day


To celebrate international  women’s day, I thought it would be fun to celebrate female illustrators/designers! I absolutely adore sending and receiving quirky cards, postcards and stationery. This post could have been 100 miles long, but I have selected a few of my favourites:



When my partner broke his arm and needed an operation to pin it back together, I bought him this amazing Dino-sore card. It combines my love of puns with dinosaurs so is the perfect card for me!  Charlotte is based in London and her Etsy is jam-packed full of dinosaurs!

Chatty Nora

Chatty Nora creates typographic prints, cards, mugs and notebooks in the North of England. I love that many of her prints have a literary theme. My favourites are this Roald Dahl quote and this Clementine Paddleford quote.


If simple, geometric, sharp, clean designs are more your thing, Ola is right up your street. My favourites include her balloonbicycle and bee print cards.


The Gin Fox

The Gin Fox has a great selection of funny greeting cards. Her business is based in Oxford, England. Her Mary Berry card made me giggle, I know so many of my friends would adore this card. She also sells an awesome GIRL POWER print that you could send to a friend or keep for yourself. In honour of international women’s day the Gin Fox is selling a print of Emma Watson’s quote “I really don’t know what my tits have to do with it”. you can buy it here on Etsy with 50% of the profits going to the U.N. Women He for She campaign.

Asking for Trouble

Asking for trouble is jam-packed full of cute cards. The illustrator behind Asking for trouble is Marceline Smith. She is based in Glasgow, Scotland and her work is inspired by Japan and features kawaii characters. I love these summer ice cream cards and who can ever resist pancakes? Not me!

Only selecting a handful of artists has been so difficult. There are so many talented illustrators and designers out there. I will find and share more with you over the next few weeks. I hope their beautiful artwork is inspiring you to send someone you love some snail mail!




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