Rachel Ignotofsky: Women in Science

I have been following Rachel Ignotofsky on Etsy for ages. I absolutely love her illustrations. She has a passion for scientific literacy and powerful women and, as a scientist, I share the same sentiments. Her most famous illustrations are probably the ‘Women in Science’ series that feature many great female scientists. The illustrations are a lovely way to educate children about pioneering female scientists.


This week, to my delight, Rachel Ignotofsky finally released her collection of 100 postcards of women in science. I pre-ordered mine in January and I am over the moon to finally get my paws on them. The postcards depict 50 fearless pioneers who changed the world. You know what this means… there is one postcard to share with your friends and one to keep. I plan to frame a selection of my favourites and put them in my downstairs loo which has a strong science theme going on. The presentation box is magnificent and makes the postcards feel even more special. Inside, more of Rachel’s doodles adorn the lining of the box and there is a a fun fact box about Rachel’s life so far. I can’t eloquently describe how happy this stack of postcards make me feel. I wish I had these when I was a child. I didn’t ever really consider that I could follow a career in science until I was an adult! As a child, these drawings would have sent my imagination into overdrive.

The inspiring women who feature on her postcards include:

Marie Curie

Marie Curie was a chemist and physicist. She was the first person to win a Nobel Prize twice.

Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind Franklin is best known for her X-ray diffraction images of DNA. Her images aided the discovery of DNA’s double helix.

Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson is a physicist and NASA mathematician whose work was integral to the United State’s aeronautics and space programmes. Her story has recently been made into an incredible film called ‘Hidden Figures‘.

Rachel’s Etsy is a treasure trove of science-themed illustrations. She breaks down complex systems e.g. the respiratory system into a fun and clear work of art. They are a great visual way to explore biology. I particularly like her cell anatomy art prints where she depicts what is going on inside plant, animal and bacteria cells. Rachel has an unrivalled ability to make complex information fun, easy to digest, and look beautiful.


I hope you find Rachel and the women she draws as inspiring as I do! How amazing would it be to receive one of these postcards in the mail?!


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