Introducing hump day happiness!

We all know that hump day feeling. It’s midweek. Last weekend is a distant memory and this weekend appears to be a…million…miles…away. What we need is a little mid week pick-me-up.

I’m very excited to share hump day happiness with you!

Every Wednesday I will share the work of an illustrator/designer/creative mind with you. If you fall in love with their work it should leave just enough time to order a little something for the weekend. Then you can fill the cards and postcards full of words of happiness, wrap up some new jewellery or pins and send them to your friends. Happy post is the best! Of course, you can keep them all to yourself and fill your house full of joy! I like to play by the one for them, two for me rule…

Researching this segment has been so much fun. I have bought lots of amazing cards, postcards, prints and other creative treasures. Most days when I return from work there has been some happy post waiting for me. I can’t wait to share them with you!

I will introduce you to some exciting goodies Wednesday. As it is the first, we are going to double dip with two amazing creators. My only hope is that you enjoy their work as much as I do.

Do you have someone you would like us to share? You can get in touch here.

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