Geo Heaven: hump day happiness


Welcome to the inaugural hump day happiness!

The second hump day happiness post is to celebrate the creative minds at Geo Heaven.

Geo Heaven believe that people are naturally drawn to geometric forms because they occur so frequently in nature. They produce the most amazing 3D printed jewellery using selective laser sintering (SLS) process. Jewellery made from lasers. Yes Gaga yes! How cool is this?! It is really an amazing process. You can watch a video explaining the process here. I found this on YouTube so the process may differ slightly for the jewellery, however, it doesn’t make the process any less mesmerising.

I accidentally stumbled across Geo Heaven’s account when their Girl Boss Sarah posted something on Instagram about dinosaurs. Did I mention I like dinosaurs? Only about a million times, sorry! I am so glad that I found her account. Sarah was posting behind the scene updates as she set up Geo Heaven and posted some really cool photos like this one where all of her kick-ass shapes are being hand dyed in a dye bath.

I meant to buy one of their necklaces as soon as they opened but found myself spoiled for choice. I would flicker back and forth between each of the necklaces and once a shape had been chosen, I would struggle to choose what colour as all of the ones available (mint, pink, yellow and white) are all too fabulous. I even tried to recruit help in the form of my partner but alas, he was no use. To pacify myself for a short while I bought their pastel diamond pin.


I am very pleased with this pin. It has a metal clasp at the back and feels of better quality than some pins I have bought in the past (despite the fact that this beauty was cheaper than a lot of my previous pins at a mere £6.00). Postage was £1.25 and it arrived in two days. The pastel colours are so delightful together, I have been wondering what colours to decorate my study and the force is strong with this selection. I feel a pastel obsession coming on (and my desk is already pink – woo).

Eventually, on a particularly decisive day I chose “Space Girl” in pink. I ordered the necklace on a Tuesday and it arrived on the Friday (I think postage was £2.85). I love how speedy their delivery is. My necklace was packaged beautifully. Washi tape and Geo Heaven stickers adorned the front of the protective jiffy bag. Inside, the mint presentation box and sleeve were wrapped in pink tissue paper and decorated with pink and yellow baker’s twine that had been fastened with a sticker. Such care had been taken with the wrapping that I almost felt that I couldn’t ruin it. Look at how perfectly wrapped it is:

Curiosity eventually got the better of me and I unwrapped my new treasure. OK, so, I knew that I was going to like my new purchase. However, I wasn’t prepared for it to be even more exquisite in real life than it looked online.

pic 2

The nylon is in a matte pink finish. I tried it on with a black sweatshirt and it popped brilliantly. The structure feels stronger than I had expected and I love that the fastenings are in silver and not gold.

pic 1

Each of my purchases from Geo Heaven with a postcard and hand written note. The service you receive when supporting small businesses is so much better than when you order from a larger store. The personal touches (and a sprinkles pencil – woo), make you feel valued as a customer  and confirm that great care has been taken with your order. I hope you enjoy Geo Heaven’s jewellery as much as I do!

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