Edward Monkton: hump day happiness


Welcome to the inaugural hump day happiness!

The first person to provide us with some hump day happiness is the artwork Giles Andreae creates under the name  Edward Monkton.

He has a machine on his website which is perfect for hump day happiness. His machine is to help us in our “pursuit of happiness on this strange and beautiful planet that we call Earth“. All you need to do in input your name, gender and the type of advice you are after (I chose happiness of course) and press go! This was my advice:



I love Edward Monkton’s quirky doodles and thoughts. He is the first illustrator that I became a fan of. His words will always have a special place in my heart as I read ‘A lovely love story‘ during my friend’s wedding ceremony. It features two dinosaurs and went down really well. It is a great reading if you are looking for something a bit quirky and non-religious.

One of my favourite pieces of Edward Monkton’s is his ‘Let us be lovely‘ print. It’s on my wishlist of prints for the house when we finish decorating. I just love the message below!

I hope you have enjoyed Edward Monkton’s work and our very first slice of hump day happiness.




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