Letter writing ideas

As I previously mentioned, next month is letter writing month. I have been trying to get myself organised by making sure that I have enough stationery (the easy bit) and people to send some letters to along with their addresses (the not so easy bit). Working out who to send letters to has been more difficult than I was expecting. Here are some of the ideas I have had so far…

Send a letter to:

  1. Friends who have moved to a foreign country
  2. Friends you used to work with
  3. Someone you currently work with
  4. Share one of your favourite recipes
  5. An old pen pal
  6. A friend who is travelling
  7. School friends
  8. Friends who have moved away
  9. Someone who has inspired you to do something
  10. Your favourite artist/musician
  11. Someone whose work you find inspiring
  12. Your usual pen pals
  13. Family members
  14. Someone containing a book you think they would like to read
  15. Your siblings/cousins

A few days ago I went to buy all of my stamps. I was a bit of a cheapskate and went with second class ones in the end because I had to buy so many. It felt weird spending so much money on stamps in one go. Nevertheless, I’m feeling excited to start writing my letters and I’m looking forward to sharing my progress with you. Researching this snail mail challenge has been really enjoyable. It has provided me with a lot of blogging material. I am very grateful for this because when I was researching blog writing online, lots of people suggested that maintaining momentum and coming up with material is very difficult. I have discovered lots of talented illustrators and designers. I can’t wait to share them with you. I am going to share most of their work over the next few weeks in my new hump day happiness feature. In the meantime, you can check out my hump day happiness features about Edward Monkton and Geo Heaven.

Have any of you taken part in this challenge before? Or are any of you considering it? It would be great to hear about your tips and tricks.


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