FREE Spring Flowers Letter Writing Paper

Happy Spring Equinox!

Today is the first day of Spring… well the second first day of Spring. You see, there is the first day of Spring on March 1st AND a first day of Spring on the astronomical calendar. The astronomical calendar’s first day of Spring is usually better at predicting the arrival of  Spring weather as it takes into consideration the equinoxes (when day and night is equal) and solstices (the longest day and longest night).

Anyway, back to stationery goodness… Spring used to be called “springing time” to describe plants “springing” from the ground. To celebrate the Spring Equinox I made a letter writing paper download called ‘Spring Flowers’ and it’s freely available for all to enjoy. Pink, orange, purple, yellow and blue flowers decorate a simple green border of stems and sweet green leaves.


If you would like to download your free PDF version of my Spring Flowers letter writing paper, visit my Downloads page.

Here’s to the days getting longer, the weather getting warmer and the beautiful flowers that begin to pop up in the Spring.

Please let me know how you get on with your letters using the Contact page or on Instagram by tagging me @shellstealingslugclub in your photos or using #shellstealingslugclub


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