13, lucky for some: PAPERGANG

My PAPERGANG box arrived this morning!


As I previously mentioned, I have never subscribed to a monthly box before. Since signing up I have experienced feelings of giddy excitement knowing that at the end of the month a box full of papery goodness was going to crash land on my door mat. However, I have been feeling a little anxious about whether I would feel that this monthly box thing is a bit O.T.T and that I am not getting good value for money.

Well…their crystal balls must have been overtime because:

  1. Some how they sent the exercise book style of notebooks that I have been looking for to keep track of all things blogilicious AND also a little notebook with plain pages that I can carry around with me and fill with doodles.
  2. The theme of this box is block colours and this is something I LIVE FOR. My house is full of bright colours thrown together with abandon. I would have been drawn to these items if I was out and about shopping.

Enough of my ramblings, let’s get down and dirty with what was in Box 13…

Drew Patch & Pencil

Drew is the leader of the PAPERGANG and this iron on patch is given to every new gang member in their first box.


Set of 2 X A5 Notebooks

Designed by: OHH DEER, RRP: £5.95


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! However, these notebooks mean that you can feel fabulous doing both. I have recently started to look at bullet journaling for keeping trrack of the blog and had a go using my Happy Jackson ‘thoughts and doodles of an undiscovered genius’ notebook for herding the many things I have to do in work. It is an exercise book style and I have found it really good for doing double page spreads. I have been looking at ones online to use for my blog but held off just in case there was one in my PAPERGANG box. Boy did they deliver.


The covers are a matte lilac and pink and a matte blue and green. They have the words ‘WORK’ and ‘PLAY’ embossed in silver on them respectively . I am looking forward to using these!

1 X Jotter

.Designed by: OHH DEER, RRP: £4.95

unnamed (3)

I am very happy with this. The hard back cover is lilac and the spine is a hot pink colour. It is the perfect size for popping in your handbag or coat pockets to jot down ideas or scribble a few doodles in should inspiration arrive when you are out and about. The jotter is held closed by a bright yellow elastic. I love the colour yellow so this is an extra plus from me!


1 X Post it Notes

.Designed by: OHH DEER, RRP: £3.50

These are half pink and half blue. The background is a nice pastel colour so anything you scribble down will be easily legible. I’m a bit of a fun sponge when it comes to stationery that is too dark for you to scribble stuff down on and read it clearly. These don’t fall into that category and I’m definitely going to keep them in my writing desk.


2 X Riso Printed Calendar

RRP: £1.95 each

These are fun. I’m not sure if I would have bought them in the shop but I am looking forward to taking them for a spin. They would be great to pin on a notice board above your desk or even frame. The colours are great though and I’m looking forward to seeing whether I can be converted to using one.

1 X Greeting Card

RRP: £2.50

unnamed (1)

I always keep a batch of Thank You cards in the house and this one is great as it isn’t too feminine which a lot of them can be. I like the foiled letters and the way they reflect the light to make this feel like a more luxury card.

The Verdict

Box 13 is a colour party and it’s one that I am glad I was invited to. It had things in it that I actually needed to buy so I suppose PAPERGANG should get extra points for their psychic superpowers. I love this box and would have bought a few of the items had I seen them in store. I should probably send the ‘Thank You’ back to them.

For £9.95 (plus postage at £1.95) a box full of colourful joy landed on my doormat worth £20.80. I guess I should not have been so worried about value for money after all. Oh, and before I foxtrot oscar, the back of the box can be cut out and turned into a majestic kangaroo. I will update this post when Skippy is looking a little less deflated…




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