Wink Design: hump day happiness

This week’s hump day happiness is provided by Wink Design.

I can’t remember for sure how I stumbled across Wink Design’s work, but, I think it was on Instagram. Wink Design is owned and run by Michelle in Portsmouth (UK). Her cards are simple, bold and tend to feature a cute animal alongside a pun which is definitely one of my favourite combinations.

I tried something new for today’s hump day happiness. I emailed Michelle some questions about her company and I am so grateful that she took the time to reply to me! She really knows how to make my day! Without further ado, here are her replies:

  1. Who are you and what do you do?

mich-makeawards-circleI’m Michelle, and I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I design and create art prints, greeting cards, stationery, gifts, enamel pins… and more!
  1. How/where/why did Wink Design begin?

I started Wink Design in 2009 after I graduated with a first class degree in Graphic Design from the University of Portsmouth.
  1. What inspires your designs?

I love cute characters & witty puns, in fact anything that make me smile!
  1. Who inspires you?

I’m inspired every day by all the fantastic creative friends I know. I’m lucky to have a huge network of amazing friends who all run their own creative businesses. We all support each other and it’s great to be a part of such a friendly group. People who ‘get’ what you do!
  1. What tools do you use to create your designs?

I mainly use Adobe Illustrator, but I also hand draw some things and then scan the drawings in to the computer and work on them digitally.
  1. What is your favourite item to make?

I really love designing greeting cards – quick, witty designs that you know people will love to give and receive.
  1. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

When you’ve finished a design, just STOP. Don’t keep tweaking it. You’ll never be happy with it! Your finished piece is good enough. Your clients / customers don’t have as critical an eye as you do, so whether that line could do with being a fraction thicker or not DOESN’T MATTER to them.

Wink Design’s treasures

Michelle’s love of cute characters and witty puns are what first attracted me to Wink Design. Love must have been in the air when I was browsing through her shop because I bought Narwhal always love you andI’m bananas about you. I had to get the ‘Narwhal always love you card’ as it nods to one of Whitney Houston’s songs. We love a bit of Whitney in our house!


Each card was £3.25 and postage was free. The cards only took 2 days to arrive. I am so happy with them. I will probably end up framing the ‘bananas’ one instead of giving it away! Saying that, my p.i.c will be the recipient of the Narwhal one too so both will remain in the house – yippee! One thing I really liked about Wink Design is that wrapped up in a polka dot paper bag were two postcards. One featured an adorable bear saying “hello” and the other had a unicorn saying “you are magic” on it. I love the extra touches small businesses add to your order. They really do go the extra mile.


Other items in the Wink Design shop include this personalised baby name print which would make a lovely gift for someone who has just had a little one. I also adore the ‘I love my mum/sister/brother/Nan so much it won’t fit on this card collection. Each card can be personalised with a short message on the front too! It’s such a thoughtful touch.

Just when I was thinking my Wink Design experience couldn’t get any better, Michelle pointed out to me that she has a blog where she has made printable mini sprinkle envelopes and notecards FREELY available to download! Repeat: THEY ARE FREE AND COVERED IN SPRINKLES! Go, go, go!

If you want to see what other fabulous things Wink Design have to offer you can take a peek at the Etsy and Not on the high street shops.

I hope you have fun browsing Wink Design’s fun work and that they bring you some hump day happiness.

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