Bara Brith Recipe

Dydd gwyl dewi sant hapus

March’s letter had to have a Welsh theme. After all, it was St David’s Day on March the 1st. When I was in school we used to dress up as Welsh ladies, coal minors and rugby players. The school would hold an Eisteddfod where we would sing songs, take part in traditional Welsh folk dancing and read poetry. As an adult the day passes by a little more quietly with a bunch of daffodils or batch of Welsh cakes* (if you haven’t tried these they are the most amazing snacks ever).

*If I can remember to buy them.

One unexpected thing to come out of letter writing is how it’s making me feel more creative. I did art in school and used to paint for fun but haven’t really done anything arty recently. I forgot how much of a good stress reliever it is. I have been creating my own stationary to match the theme of the letters.

Anyway, back to all things Welsh… In addition to Welsh cakes, I have a love affair with Bara Brith. Bara Brith translates as ‘speckled bread’ and it absolutely fabulous. Whenever I make a loaf of Bara Brith it doesn’t last very long. I will eat it plain or, if I’m feeling dangerous, I will spread some Welsh salted butter on top – delicious!  Growing up, our neighbour Jan was the greatest baker ever and she used to make us chocolate chip fairy cakes and… you’ve guessed it… the most glorious Bara Brith ever to grace this Earth. It would be rude of me not to share her recipe with my pen pals. So I did and now you can share it too!




  1. Please forgive me for not closing the brackets for (Tesco Value is the best).
  2. The gorgeous font for ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ is called ‘Sweet Pea’ by Emily Spadoni. I downloaded it from this website.



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