The Gin Fox: hump day happiness

This week’s hump day happiness is provided by The Gin Fox.

The Gin Fox is no stranger to this blog.  I featured JJ’s work in my international women’s day post and bought her ‘Feminism Quote Print” to celebrate IWD in style. The print comprises of a border of boobies with Emma Watson’s “I don’t see what my tits have to do with it” nested in the middle. If you haven’t heard about this… her quote was in response to the kerfuffle  this Vanity Fair cover story caused. All for showing a bit of mid/under boob in a bolero…

Anyway, I’ll hand you over to the creative genius behind this awesome print to tell you more about herself: 

  1. Who are you and what do you do?


My name is JJ and I am the Owner, Designer and Maker at The Gin Fox. I make Pop Culture Cards , Prints, Jewellery and I have also recently started Screen Printing.

  1. How/where/why did The Gin Fox begin?

I started the Gin Fox around a year ago (in 2016) I had just got engaged, moved halfway across the country and had a baby so starting a business should have been the last thing on my mind. However the place we moved to was really remote and I was feeling like I was losing who I was with no creative outlet, so I decided to open an Etsy shop and The Gin Fox was born. I started off with a few designs (and I’m ashamed to say awful product photos which have now luckily improved) and it just grew and grew I have now sent my work all over the world and am stocked in some amazing independent shops.
  1. What inspires your designs?

I love music, TV and movies especially from my childhood there is something so magical about childhood memories and nostalgia, like getting into a You tube loop of 80s cartoons or watching old shows like The Golden Girls or Murder She Wrote. I am also really inspired by fashion and love looking at current colour and fashion trends.
  1. Who inspires you?

So many people, I have met an amazing crafty community through Instagram and I am also part of a fabulous group called @hooligals they are such an awesome bunch of  creative business women and are a great sounding board for new designs and ideas. I would also say Pop Art has always been a big influence on my art, whether that be looking at the work of Artists like Warhol and Lichtenstein or Graphic Novelists like Charles Burns and Daniel Clowes.
  1. What tools do you use to create your designs?

I mainly design digitally and use an iPad Pro to do my drawing and sketching and a fabulous Mac to turn all the images into cards and prints. Sometimes you can’t beat pencil and paper though especially when you get a flash of inspiration.
  1. What is your favourite item to make?

My cards are great fun to make I always wonder what people’s reactions will be when they open some of the cheekier ones. I have also just started to Screen Print and it is so much fun and so satisfying I think I may now be addicted.
  1. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

 I’m not sure about advice although I’m sure I have had lots throughout my life. I am however a quote addict and one of my favourites is “I’d rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea” and of course like the wonderful Dolly Parton says “If you want the rainbow you gotta put up with the rain” ️

The Gin Fox’s treasures

I can’t quite get over how fabulous The Gin Fox’s ‘Feminism Quote print’ is.  The booby border brings such a big smile to my face whenever I see it. I can’t wait to get this beauty framed and on a wall. When the print arrived it was wrapped beautifully in hot pink tissue paper held in place with a The Gin Fox “Hooray” sticker. The quote and border are printed on A4 300gsm Linen Card. This textured card makes the print feel more luxurious than some of the other prints I have bought in the past. Here is a close up of the texture:

Look at how sweet those heart shaped nipples are. I think more prints should come with a border of boobies! Not long after purchasing the quote I bought some greeting cards. My favourites have got to be The Gin Fox’s “Soggy Bottom” and “Super Duper” cards. Both cards arrived printed on White Linen 260gsm Matt Finish Card and had the same subtle texture I mentioned above.
mary berry (2)

Lots of my family and friends are obsessed with bake off and the national treasure that is Mary Berry. I laughed out loud when I first read “I love your soggy bottom”. My friends would love a card like this on their birthday! JJ has captured Mary Berry perfectly in this illustration.

super duper (2)

I couldn’t resist the colours in this card. I am obsessed with colour and my house is full of different colours. You won’t find much beige over here I’m afraid. This card is great because it doesn’t have to be used as a birthday card. My pen pals and I send each other cards all of the time. Every time I receive one they make my day. The great thing about writing your letter inside a card instead of on letter writing paper is that the recipient can display your excellent choice of card. I often frame my favourites. This would be a strong contender for a frame.

I hope you have fun browsing The Gin Fox’s work and that it brings you some hump day happiness.

Do you have any favourite illustrators or designers you would like to nominate? Pop their name in the comments section or go to my contact page.

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