Papergang Box 14: Arden Rose

Apart from pay day (yippee), the arrival of my Papergang subscription box is probably my favourite thing about the end of a month. Since last month’s amazing colour block box (click here to peek inside last month’s box), I have literally been counting down the days until April’s Papergang box arrive through my letterbox.

This month, Papergang teamed up with YouTuber Arden Rose and have been teasing us throughout April with pictures of this gorgeous lemon print:

DSC_0122 - Copy

If you haven’t heard about Papergang before, it’s a subscription box full of stationery goodness. They cost £9.95 per month plus £1.50 postage and packaging and the items in each box tend to add up to about £20.00. Each box is designed with a different artist and has a theme. The items within the boxes are exclusive to Papergansters (subscribers) for a period of time before they are released on sale in OHH Deer’s shop.



I enjoyed making my stop motion for video for Geo Heaven’s “Sagan’s Star” necklace so much that I thought I would try it with my Papergang box. It takes a little while to make but I think it’s fun to make a video where a box unpacks itself. Take a peek at my video by following this link.

Here is a more detailed look at the goodies Papergang had to offer this month…

1 X A5 Notepad: £5.95

Designed by Amy Lesko


Amy Lesko is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Leicester. I must say, I am a fan of her quirky and fun illustrations. This Notepad is great as its tear away sheets mean that you can recycle old notes and a new page is ready and waiting for when inspiration strikes.

1X Weekly Planner: £9.95

Designed by OHH Deer


The planner features the beautiful lemon print from Box 14’s sleeve. The colours used on the cover of this planner are beautiful. My Mum loved the print when she popped around for lunch.


Each page of the planner has a space for doodles which is a lovely touch. I always doodle over my stationery.

2 X Greeting Cards: £5.00

Designed by OHH Deer and Amy Lesko


What’s not to like about these greeting cards? My “Thank You” card collection is growing stronger by the month thanks to my Papergang subscription. I love having lots of thank you cards, I always try to send thank you cards because they feel so special to receive. The floral print is very sophisticated and has a vintage feel to it. I would probably send this to one of my friends who are into the vintage seen or someone I know who is a bit vintage like my Mama (haha sorry Mum – I’ll probably get a text about that one)…

1 X Pencil: £0.50

Designed by OHH Deer


Look at its cute little face! This one is such a bargain what else can you get for 50p nowadays?! I can’t even buy a BOOST chocolate bar for that!

1 X RISO Printed Calendar


Arden Rose said that she aimed to achieve summer, warmth and kitschy touches with her items and I think she has comfortable achieved that with this box. Altogether the items in the box added up to £21.40. If you love stationery, Papergang is a great way to give yourself a little treat to to look forward to at the end of the month and add to your collection without breaking the bank. My subscription so far has been excellent value for money and I am excited to see what the next box has in store. It has also been a wonderful way to discover illustrators whose work I have not seen before. Whilst writing this I have just seen that next month’s box is covered in the most beautiful bee print. I need to stop wishing my life away until the next box arrives!

Do you subscribe to any boxes?

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