Geo Heaven: hump day happiness

Hello Geo Heaven!

Last month, Geo heaven launched their new necklace and earrings set named after a mutual hero, Carl Sagan (see my post here for more info about him). Geo Heaven starred in my first hump day happiness day. However, at that time I wasn’t interviewing the amazing people whose work I share. I invited awesome girl boss Sarah back to answer a few questions about herself and her lovely business…

  1. Who are you and what do you do?

Girl Boss Sarah

I’m Sarah, I’m 30 and I run a 3D printed jewellery company called Geo Heaven. It’s currently my 6-11 job but I hope one day to make it my 9-5.

  1. How/where/why did Geo Heaven begin?

I’ve always been a creative person and had been threatening to set up a jewellery company for years. I held off doing so because I couldn’t think of an original idea. I’ve always loved geometric shapes and I’ve been fascinated with 3D printing since seeing it on the Big Bang Theory. One day whilst driving up the M1 the idea for Geo Heaven came into my head and the rest is history!
  1. What inspires your designs?

I love to look in old geometry books and have taken lots of inspiration from these. I also love to look in the gem section at a museum. There are so many beautiful geometric shapes that occur in nature.
  1. Who inspires you?

I have so many people who inspire me for so many different reasons. There are so many girl bosses that I look up to. Some of those include Donut Press, Nikki McWilliams, Hello Bee Studio, Thrift Box UK and Finest Imaginary. Carl Sagan is my all-time hero and has inspired some of my jewellery.
  1. What tools do you use to create your designs?

I use my sketchbook for initial ideas before transferring these to 3D images using a CAD package on the computer. I then send my designs off to be 3D printed in nylon using a SLS 3D printer. This type of printer costs a quarter of a million pounds so I won’t ever own one! When I receive the shapes I then use dyes to colour them and use jewellery pliers to attach the sterling silver jewellery findings.
  1. What is your favourite item to make?

My favourite item to make is Sagan’s Star earrings. They are probably the fiddliest to make but I really enjoy the challenge of a tiny jump ring!
  1. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t compare yourself to a stranger on Instagram. Be you and remember that the people behind those beautiful feeds are human too! Their real lives do not look as glorious as their feeds do!

Sagan’s Star


Sagan’s Star: £29.50

Sagan’s star arrived wrapped in the neatest tissue paper and washi tape wrapping I’ve ever seen. I think I need to take some wrapping paper lessons from Sarah. Sagan’s Star was inspired by his Spaceship of the Imagination which featured in the Cosmos television series. The necklace is only available in white and features a spherical geometric star shape. It is mounted on a 30″ (76cm) sterling silver chain, this is longer than the chain on my Space Girl necklace. I thought I would try something a little different when unboxing and made this little stop motion video of the box unwrapping itself. Annoyingly I can’t post videos on my blog, so, if you would like to watch the video please click here.

I love the look of this necklace, like my Geo Heaven Space Girl necklace it is so quirky and unique. The fact that is 3D printed using lasers and is named after Carl Sagan just makes my nerdy self feel so happy. Whenever anyone says that they like my necklace I always tell them about the lasers – they blow my mind!

pic 1
Space Girl: £34.50

Thank you Geo Heaven for bringing some #humpdayhappiess into our lives. If you would like to discover more here are all the links you need:





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