Thrift Box: hump day happiness

Happy hump day friends!

I can’t believe another week has flown by already! Today’s creator is so fabulous! I have her “NOT TODAY SATAN” print on the shelf above my desk at the moment. It makes me giggle every time I see it.

  1. Who are you and what do you do?

 unnamed (1)Hello all! I’m Lauren, a 28-year-old Yorkshire girl who runs Thriftbox on an evening and weekends, along with my full time print and design job 9-5!

Thriftbox is my wonderful little colourful outlet, and when I’m not working full time, you will find me printing mugs, designing pins, and making nail stickers (along with many other items).

  1. How/where/why did Thriftbox begin?

unnamed (2)

Thriftbox began when I rediscovered my love of sewing. I started to create purses, plushies and keyrings for friends and family, when one of my close pals suggested I sell the surplus stock on Etsy. From there, I moved away from textiles, and onto graphic design. It’s something I have always been interested in, but never had the confidence to do it! I love looking back and seeing my progress over the past few years J

  1. What inspires your designs?

Inspiration definitely comes from all around me. From popular culture to kawaii Japanese anime, bold colours to being super sassy, everything inspires me to make and create.
  1. Who inspires you?

unnamed (3)

There are so many lovely and creative people that I surround myself with that inspire me daily. Through Instagram, I have made so many creative friends, who I absolutely adore. It is a wonderful community, and I’m so grateful to have an inspiring group of people who spur me on in every way possible! Girl bosses who run businesses such as Holly Coral Designs, Geo Heaven, Donut Press, Hello Bee Studios, Pilfered, Sunshine Jo and so many others are just some of my favourite ladies ever!

  1. What tools do you use to create your designs?

With all of my designs being digital, my number one tool is my iMac and Adobe Illustrator. I am self-taught at graphic design and with the programme, so I’m constantly learning as I go. My other main tools are my mug printer, badge maker, and two printers I have on the go. My office is jam packed with them it seems!
  1. What is your favourite item to make?

unnamed (4)

I absolutely love making my mugs! I assumed the novelty of owning my own mug maker would wear off after nearly a year, but it really hasn’t. Since sorting out my own gear to print them, I have the freedom to create more, and if something doesn’t sell, I know I’m not stuck with lots of stock. It took a long time to save up for everything you need for it, but it has paid for itself so many times now J

  1. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?


Some of the best advice that I have received, was recently on an “In Colourful Company” colour walk (check them out on IG @incolourfulcompany), by fellow girl boss Finest Imaginary. Kim gave me some great advice on balancing workloads. With having a full time job, as well as running Thriftbox, things can get so hectic and stressful. She not only gave me more confidence on how to be more balanced, but she shared with me a lot of useful information on how to add in self-care to my daily routine, to stop me from feeling so overwhelmed! Brilliant advice, and something I will definitely take on board

How cute is that ghost pin?! If you would like to discover more about Thriftbox, you can find more of Lauren’s beautiful creations by clicking on the links below:

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