Hello friends,

A few months ago, I watched a YouTube video of a commencement speech delivered by Admiral William H. McRaven at the University of Texas. The funny thing about this speech is that, unlike the speech given when I graduated from university, it was captivating. During his speech, Admiral McRaven encouraged the 8,000 graduates present to change the lives of just 10 people in their lifetime. If the class succeeded in this, in approximately 6 generations, the class of 2014 could potentially change the lives of everyone in the world in a positive way.

I did what every bibliophile does and hit up amazon to see whether he had written a book and he had:

MAKE YOUR BED: Little things that can change your life …and maybe the world

make your bed

I know it will sound cheesy, but, this book does exactly what it does on the tin. It is life changing. Think of it as a non-self help self help book. You should read it, your mum should read it, your kids should read it, your neighbour should read it, your doctor should read it, hell, everyone should read it. On the back cover, the Wall Street Journal describes it as “A book to inspire your children and grandchildren to become everything that they can be”. It’s hard to argue with that description to be honest.

McRaven’s writing style is illustrative and direct. He makes a point, embellishes it with breathtaking and sometimes tear-jerking anecdotes, repeats the key take-home message and moves on. Just before starting Make Your Bed  I had started to read (and abandoned) a self-help book called “You are a bad ass“. If the author of You are a bad ass‘ writing style is a desert, McRaven’s is the glass of water and ride home you’ve been waiting for.

After finishing the book, I wanted to share it with my pen pals. However, that didn’t feel like enough. I wanted to do more. McRaven says “If you want to change the world… find someone to help you paddle”.

So I did.

I got in touch with the magical human being that is Zabby Allen and, taking McRaven’s message of positive change and combining it with our love of snail mail, we began working on our #changeadaychangetheworld project.

The #changeadaythenchangetheworld campaign encourages you to send 10 postcards to friends, family or to the person you think needs to read some kind words the most. We want to spread the positive power of snail mail and embrace the joy in receiving a letter or postcard.

We would like to encourage you to change someone’s day for the better by sending them a simple note to say hello or a little reminder about how awesome they are. We are both keen snail mailers and our letters are often met with a “you don’t know how much I needed this today”.

There’s nothing quite like receiving snail mail from the people that you love.

Through our #changeadaythenchangetheworld campaign, not only will you be making someone’s day by sending them some happy mail, you will be helping to support One Million Lovely Letters, a project by Jodi Ann Bickley. Jodi writes letters to anyone who is in need of a little lift and won’t stop until she reaches one million. So far she has helped to support people with depression, couples who have experienced the loss their child and hundreds of others across the globe. One pound from every purchase of our postcards will go to Jodi’s stamp fund.

We have created some postcards for this project and they are available in Zabby’s shop here. There are five different designs:

  • Change a day change the world
  • Rainbow stamps
  • Write more
  • Happy mail
  • Send more letters

Each pack contains 10 postcards. To make life easier, we have included an option to buy 10 (UK) stamps alongside your postcards so that they are ready to go. The pack of 10 postcards is £7.00 and the pack of 10 postcards with 10 stamps is £12.00. Bargain!

Please let us know if you are taking part in our change a day change the world project. We would love to hear about your friends’ reactions. Join the party by using the hashtag #changeadaychangetheworld on social media.

Happy snail mailing!

“Hook ’em horns!”



Shop link: zabbyallen.com




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