Hello Sunshine

Happy hump day friends! Did you all have a good Bank Holiday Weekend? The weather was glorious here in South Wales (I am still in shock). We managed to get our paws on a pizza oven so ate lots of pizza in the sun, woo hoo! Today’s hump day happiness is bringing back a lovely ray of sunshine in the form of the lovely Hello Sunshine:

  1. Who are you and what do you do?


Hello! *waves* I’m Jo and I’m the cheesy grin and creative bean behind Hello Sunshine.

  1. How/where/why did Hello Sunshine begin?


Since a very young age I have always been creative, whether it was making things I’d seen on Art Attack or illustrating my own stories and drawing pictures for family and friends. I chose to study art throughout school, college and university and after travelling for nearly a year I decided to try and sell some of my work. To my surprise people actually wanted to buy my work and asked me to create things for them – it was the best feeling ever and from there Hello Sunshine started to develop.

  1. What inspires your designs?


Inspiration comes from a variety of sources, including adventures to new places, animals, food and people. I often find myself inspired by things that make me smile and anything that I have a true love of seems to work its way into my jewellery… like cats, campervans and cheese for example!

  1. Who inspires you?


Oh crikey, there are so many people in my life I am grateful to for constantly inspiring me, from family and friends to creative phone friends in this crazy online community. A BIG shout out must go to my parents who have just started their own business (@workbenchshop) creating custom displays for the creative community. After years of them helping me build craft stall displays it’s a pure joy to see them helping a lot of other creative small business owners now too! They have always inspired and encourage me to chase my arty farty dreams and I couldn’t be more proud of them

  1. What tools do you use to create your designs?


Everything at Hello Sunshine starts off as scribbles on endless pieces of paper and in notebooks and then depending what the end product may be, digital versions are created to either send to customers if they are portraits or sent on to be laser cut for jewellery or made into pins or patches.

My favourite tools have to be a trusty pencil and paper and my shiny new iPad which I’m still trying to get to grips with using!

  1. What is your favourite item to make?


It has to be Sunshine portraits, whether it’s a digital family Sunshine, a pet portrait or face to face live watercolour portrait at events, I just LOVE drawing people and it’s the BEST feeling handing over a piece of unique artwork to a smiling face.

  1. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?


Follow your gut, stay true to your beliefs and look after yourself. Oooh and smile, it doesn’t cost a thing but can make all the difference to someone’s day!

Those little gin and a slice earrings are so cute! I ca think of so many of my friends who would love a pair of them. If you would like to discover more about the lovely Jo and Hello Sunshine, you can find everything you need by following the links below:

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