6 months of hump day happiness: Cards


Happy hump day friends!

Last month, the shell stealing slug club reached 6 months of age and this month, we are celebrating 6 months of hump day happiness posts, woohoo! Over the next few weeks we will take a look back at the amazing creatives who have filled our Wednesdays with their bright and colourful designs.

On the 28th September, it was “Just a Card” day. If you haven’t heard of Just a Card, it is an awesome campaign set up by the artist Sarah Hamilton to encourage folk like you and I to buy cards from independent designer makers, shops and galleries. They do this by “reinforcing the message that all purchases, however small, even ‘just a card’ are so vital to the prosperity and survival of small businesses.”


Regular readers of this blog will know that the SSSC loves to champion indie businesses and creatives so this campaign is right up our street. What better way to celebrate 6 months of hump day happiness then revisiting our awesome card creators.

Wink Design


I can’t remember for sure how I stumbled across Wink Design’s work, but, I think it was on Instagram. Wink Design is owned and run by Michelle in Portsmouth (UK). Her cards are simple, bold and tend to feature a cute animal alongside a pun which is definitely one of my favourite combinations.

The Gin Fox

mary berry (2)

JJ from the Gin Fox loves music, TV and movies from her childhood. I absolutely adore her selection of cards. This Mary Berry one has to be my favourite alongside her Mary Poppins Suffragette birthday card.

Pineapple Lobster

macaron small

Sarah is a girl after my own heart, she loves anything sweet and desserts play a huge part in her designs. She is inspired by pretty bakeries and anything food related. I adore the colours she uses in her fun and child-like designs. I also have the most beautiful Pineapple Lobster rainbow bunting on the wall of my study. It never fails to brighten my day!



Niaski is run by Nia from her home is Exeter and is, quite simply, inspired by cats and the arts. We aren’t complaining! Niaski have the cutest collection of Cat Artists including, Frida Catlo, Georgia O’Cat and Vincat van Gogh.

Asking for Trouble


Marceline Smith’s awesome shop Asking for Trouble is named after her old record label. Her cards are influenced by Japanese popular culture and feature lovely Kawaii (or cute) characters such as the sweet ice cream and ice lolly pictured above.

BB Illustration


Bea’s main inspiration are her beautiful surroundings.  Her work takes inspiration from breathtaking views of the Wiltshire countryside, National trust days out, museums and old antique shops. She also has a particular passion for wildlife and an obsession with chickens! Check out her Instagram for snaps of her gorgeous hens!

Becka Griffin


Becka Griffin loves food and architecture. During her art foundation course, she drew loads of houses, so these were the first thing she went back to drawing after her illustration hiatus. We are so glad that she did! Her city landmark illustrations are beautiful!

Ted and Kip


Anna from Ted and Kip is inspired by colour and cuteness but she is also drawn to the slightly odd and strange and gloomy! I really love the way her quirky and cool designs fuse together geometric patterns, “grumpy” animals and jumpers.

Amelia Flower

glad we met

Amelia Flower loves to people-watch and can often be found in the window of a café, sketching the people outside. Her illustrations reflect the personalities and people she meets in everyday life.

The next time you need a card for your friends, remember the Just a Card campaign and support a wonderful independent artist just like the ladies above. Every time you buy from an independent business, the owner does a happy dance. Not only are you given them support in the best way you can, you are helping to keep their dreams alive.

Spread a little #humpdayhappiness!


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