Mince Spies

Written by Mark Sperring

Illustrated by Sophie Corrigan


Mince Spies is a fun Christmas story whose title has made us go all fork handles!

There is some trouble at the supermarket, all of the sweet Christmas treats have found themselves plummeting to a sticky end from the store’s shelves. Nobody knows who the culprits are and so it’s time to call in some very special secret agents to save the day… Mince Spies!

This is a very funny book, I loved the Mince Spies’ special edible equipment. I especially enjoyed the flaky pastry jetpacks. The book had a wonderful rhythm to it thanks to its rhyming nature and I loved reading out the onomatopoeic words that whooshed, zoomed and jingled across the pages. They made my son smile and wiggle with delight.

Mince Spies is not only well written, the words are beautifully presented. They often dance across the page in a way that compliments the story and it brings the book to life. It is a really well thought out and fun crime solving Christmas story. It also carries a caring moral message to teach children the importance of treating others kindly.



Mark Sperring is an author who, after years of selling books, decided to put pen to paper and write his own. He has now written a menagerie of childrens books which have been printed by publishing giants such as Bloomsbury, Penguin Books and Harper Collins. He currently lives in Bristol.



This charming picture book has been illustrated by Sophie Corrigan. Sophie is an illustrator who has recently achieved a distinction for her Masters degree in children’s book illustration (and it really is not hard to see why). I first stumbled upon her work when buying birthday cards. She is perhaps most recognisable for her fun and imaginative “animal anatomy” series. I gave away her lovely sausage dog illustration before I had a chance to photograph it, however here is a picture of my favourite “anatomy of an elephant”. I especially love his “face noodle”, “donut holders” and “annoyance wafter”.

Sophie worked digitally using her iPad Pro to create all of the illustrations in Mince Spies. The colour palette for Mince Spies contains the almost obligatory Christmas reds and greens. The colours, combined with Sophie’s pencil-like shading are soft and beautiful to look at.

Her illustrations are full of expression. You don’t often see an expanse of one, flat colour. There is a lot of light, shade and texture in her work. These details add so much depth and character to her illustrations that they are a joy to look at.



Mince Spies is a super fun addition to any book shelf on the lead up to Christmas! Mince Spies is definitely going to be a firm Christmas favourite in our household.


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