INCA’s bookshelf

Books are a huge source of joy and happiness for me. The first set of books I vividly remember receiving as a child was “The Magical Faraway Tree” by Enid Blyton. I spent much of my childhood huddled away in my room reading. I remember my excitement reading copies of my mum’s Famous Five and the “Secret Seven” (I couldn’t believe that they were the same books she had as a child). I soon became utterly obsessed with the Harry Potter books and I can remember waiting (with the greatest anticipation) for the next one to come out. Like most people my age, I was devastated when I turned 11 and my letter from Hogwarts didn’t turn up. Reading and re-reading the Harry Potter books was a passion my little sister also shared. This meant our poor mum always had to buy two at a time, either online or being dragged at the crack of dawn to collect one from our local shop. It wasn’t a passion our brother shared. His response when offered a copy was always “nah, I’ll wait for the film”.  As an adult, a good holiday (in my opinion) is one spent devouring as many books as possible. Alongside enjoying books during life’s highs, I have also turned to books to help me through hard times.

Since my son arrived in May, I have started to assemble a book collection for him. I have chosen books about men and women throughout history as well as selecting books with beautiful illustrations. Curating his bookshelf has made me think a lot about the kind of human I want him to become. Books are arguably one of the greatest teachers you can have.

Through INCA’s bookshelf I hope to share the books I have stumbled across during life’s ups, downs and everything in between.

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