Under the love umbrella

Written by Davina Bell

Illustrated by Allison Colpoys


I’m not crying, I promise. Ahh, this is such a beautifully written book I think it took me three or four reads to get through it without choking up as I read it to. How could I not with lines like “In every weather, it’s us together, my love for you goes on forever”.

The story isn’t about one particular character, instead, the book speaks directly to the reader. It tells them to look up above because wherever they go and whatever they do, they will always be safe under the love umbrella. This umbrella may not always be obvious at times, but it is always there for them to find.

The illustrations tell the stories of four different boys and girls who have had a tough day but have been comforted by an umbrella of love. Under the love umbrella is such a beautifully written and illustrated book I couldn’t not choose it to be the first “book of the month” for 2019.


Davina Bell is an award winning author from Western Australia. Davina used to be a senior editor at Penguin books Australia, how cool is that?!

After reading “Under the love umbrella”, I set off in search of more of Davina’s books and found that she has worked with Allison Colpoys on two additional books:

1. The underwater fancy-dress parade

2. All the ways to be smart

I can confirm that “The underwater fancy-dress parade” is a wonderful little book ( I’ll post about it later) and I cannot wait for “All the ways to be smart” to arrive halfway through January! Davina has a magical way with words.


Allison Colpoys is a book designer and illustrator who also used to work at Penguin Books Australia. She uses the most incredible colour palettes in her work.

After blinking away the tears so that I could see again (this book made me so emotional),the illustrations are an absolute joy. I read the story to Theo and his dad and the first thing Dad said was “wow look at those colours”. The neon orange really zings out of the page.

The lilac, yellow and orange combination is beautiful. I loved everything about Alison’s illustrations and kind of wish she would go interested fashion design because I 100% spent most of the book wishing that I had Joe’s jumper.

A stunning book which is so beautiful it will make you weep. Inca’s bookshelf’s January 2019 book of the month.

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