Love makes a family

Written and illustrated by Sophie Beer


This book arrived two days ago and what a wonderful book it is. The book is a board book so it can withstand a bit of prodding and poking by little fingers as they explore the illustrations which are BURSTING with colour. “Love makes a family” is a beautiful book which shows snapshots of every day family life and how each day is filled with love. Most importantly, it shows that families can be made of one parent, two mums, two dads, mum and dad, granny and other wonderful caregivers. All of the families in the book are linked together through the love that they share for their own unique family.


Sophie Beer is an author and illustrator from Brisbane who, after completing a degree in Law and Creative Industries, escaped into the world of illustration.


Sophie’s drawings are busy, bright, bold and beautiful! The pages explode with bright colours. Even on a second or fourth reading, there are little details to find like a sleepy cat who is unimpressed by his wake up call or a dog optimistically eyeing up some cakes. As well as “Love makes a family”, Sophie has illustrated books such as “Wren” (which I think I have to order because I keep bumping into it online), “Amazing Australian women” and “Alpha pups” which is a canine themed journey through the alphabet. Unfortunately, I can’t find it in the UK yet but I’ll keep my paws crossed.


A wonderful book to teach children about different types of families and how they are all united by love

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