The Underwater Fancy-dress Parade

written by: Davina Bell

Illustrated by: Allison Colpoys


The underwater fancy-dress parade is another triumph from the duo who authored and illustrated our January 2019 book of the month.

The story is about a little boy called Alfie who carries the weight of an ocean on his shoulders and the secrets he whispers to the cowboys on the wallpaper in his bedroom.

After feeling too anxious to wear his star fish fancy dress costume to the school’s parade, Alfie unexpectedly meets a kindred spirit at the aquarium who gives him the courage to try again next year.

Davina Bell is an award winning author from Western Australia. She has created two additional books with Allison Colpoys:

1. The heart string pulling and visually stunning book “Under the love umbrella”

2. “All the ways to be smart” which is going to be released in the UK on January 14 2019.


I think I’m still a little bit in love with Allison Colpoys’ illustrations. The watery tones of blue and silver are zinged to life with flashes of luminous orange.


A quietly confident book about anxiety and the bravery to try again next year.

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