I’ll love you…

Written by Kathryn Cristaldi

Illustrated by Kristyna Litten


This is a fun story packed full of imagination and love. Kathryn Cristaldi has taken a fresh look at the old saying “until the cows come home”. Instead of just being let out to pasture, the cows in this book have taken an adventurous trip to Mars. Cow’s aren’t the only fun creatures in this story, oh no. I’ll love you until the cows come home, the yaks come back and the frogs ride past.


Kathryn Cristaldi started out as a children’s book editor and has now authored many books including Samantha the snob and baseball ballerina. In “I’ll love you…” Kathryn has gifted us with a creative and fun way to tell our little ones how much we love them. The story is written in rhyme and has a beautiful rhythm to it. It’s also full of animals so is a great story for the animal lover in your life. We have enjoyed reading this book every day since it arrived last week.


Kristyna Litten is a children’s author and illustrator. We first found her wonderful work when we checked Norton and alpha out of our local library. A quick search online for more of her work led us to “I’ll love you…” and we pre-ordered it straight away.

Kristyna’s illustrations typically begin as quick pencil drawings and then the colours and beautiful textures are added digitally. I love the cow’s expression in the foreground. Her illustrations are a joy to return to again and again as you reread the book.


An imaginative way to tell your little ones how much you love them.

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