Popcorn the Unicorn

written and illustrated by Daniel Smurthwaite

popcorn unicorn front


Popcorn the unicorn is a story about a mischievous little unicorn, Popcorn, who keeps getting himself into trouble with the other magical creatures he shares the forest with.

Popcorn eventually sees the error of his ways and comes up with a sweet way to apologise to the forest folk and regain their friendship.

This is a sweet little story with a good moral ending which teaches children the positives of behaving kindly towards others and apologising when you have done wrong.

What I really like about this book is that despite the story’s main character being a unicorn, it is not written specifically with a female audience in mind (as most unicorn stories are). It works well for both genders and is a good place to start if you would like to introduce your little boy (or girl) to unicorns and other fantasy characters such as dragons and pixies). The rhyming couplets give the story a lovely rhythm which makes it a pleasure to read aloud.


The book was written and illustrated by Daniele Smurthwaite. As far as I can tell (read Googling like a madwoman), this is her first book and it really is a wonderful little debut. Danielle is an illustrator and graphic designer who started out as a fashion designer. She is the lady BOSS behind Brand13 alongside all things popcorn the unicorn and raising two young boys. If you are a fan of her illustrations, you will want to follow her on Instagram where she hosts #FREESTUFFFRIDAY and you can get your paws on a free illustrated wallpaper.


I know the saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover” but, as you can probably guess from the fact that I have a blog which spends most of its time championing illustrators, I LOVE illustration. To put it quite simply, this book does not disappoint. The illustrations in this book are outlined in black and are coloured in with one of the most beautiful pastel colour palettes.

Danielle created her images by first putting pen to paper to create line drawings. These drawings were then scanned into the computer and digitally coloured with her gorgeous colour palette. She drew inspiration from the scales of the SugarHouse studios in London. It’s quite fitting that the colours of these scales were used to give life to the scales of the dragons in her story. For a sneak peak at her beautiful line drawings click here to be whisked away to her Instagram account.


A fun story about a unicorn which is suitable for boys and girls – yippee!

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