Daddy Hairdo

Written by Francis Martin

Illustrated by Claire Powell


We found this book in our local library and were very excited when we saw that it had been illustrated by Claire Powell, the magical illustrator behind “the night before the night before Christmas”.

Daddy hairdo tells the story of a little girl called Amy whose hair is so long that she can’t stand on the floor anymore and has to be carried around. Amy refuses to go to the hairdressers so her dad has to think a little creatively and create hairstyles which are out of this world…


Daddy hairdo is the first picture book Francis Martin has authored. As well as being an author, Francis is also an illustrator and has lots of really cool drawings on his Instagram. In the past, he has had his cartoons featured in the Guardian and Private Eye.


As I said earlier, the illustrations for this lovely book were created by Claire Powell. Claire is an illustrator and picture book maker who started out in the world of graphic design. We had lots of fun looking at Claire’s imaginative illustrations of Amy’s many hairstyles.


A fun story for children who may need a little convincing to go to the hairdressers

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