The Girls

Written by Lauren Ace

Illustrated by Jenny Løvlie


Happy international women’s day! To celebrate we have named “The Girls” as our book of the month.

The Girls is about four little girls who are best friends and love playing nearby a tree. The story follows them as they support each other through the ups and downs of life. As the tree grows, so do they. They all grow to achieve great things in life: true love, conquering mountains, becoming doctors, inspiring and leading others, becoming mothers and going on adventures. No matter what happens in life, their friendship keeps them rooted together.


Lauren Ace is originally from South Wales, woohoo! She has spent over 10 years working in publishing. I first learned about her work via one of my favourite illustrators – Katie Abey. Lauren and Katie have published a book together called “This dog loves you too much”. We very much enjoy this book in our house because, like the dog in the story, we have a dog who likes to try and help with things like cleaning the dishes when they are being loaded into the dishwasher… haha. I will have to post a review of it here soon.


Jenny Løvlie is a Norwegian illustrator who is inspired by humans, animals and nature. Jenny has done a wonderful job illustrating the growth of the girls and the tree in this book. I love the little details, for example, a ladybird hiding on a leaf in the background or smudges of chalk on the chalkboard in the classroom. Jenny’s drawings have great texture, especially her landscapes.


This is a beautiful story which shows girls supporting other girls and also breaks down stereotypes. The girls are adventurers and doctors and strong.

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