Written and illustrated by Anna Doherty


Badger has a lovely present to wrap for Owl’s birthday, however, he seems to have chosen a very sticky roll of tape and now he’s stuck! Badger’s friends try to lend a helping hoof and paw but everyone gets stuck! Can anyone help them escape from their sticky situation?

This story is really sweet and funny. I know many of us will be able to empathise with Badger, wrapping presents can be a complete mission!

Anna’s wonderful illustration style make the creatures in this story look freshly drawn. I love the texture she creates with the badger’s fur and the way in which she captured all of the animals getting stuck in the sticky tape.


Anna Doherty is an illustrator (and author) from Scotland. Anna has completed a degree in illustration and a Master’s in children’s illustration. She is definitely our kind of person because she loves dogs and pizza, woo! This month has been a busy month for Anna because not only was Sticky published, her new book “The BrontΓ«s: The Fantastically Feminist (and Totally True) Story of the Astonishing Authors” was also published! It looks awesome and so does her book “Michelle Obama: The Fantastically Feminist (and Totally True) Story of the Inspirational Activist and Campaigner” which will be published in the autumn this year!


A funny story about a sticky situation that all adults who hate wrapping presents can empathise with.

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