I can only draw worms

Written and illustrated by Will Mabbitt

I can only draw worms is a fun and hilarious way to learn about counting to ten.

The worms are introduced to the reader one by one. You might think it’s difficult to tell the worms apart, but Will gives a helping hand with some of them.

You might also wonder how a group of ten worms have fun. Well, some of them get to go on exciting adventures. The only problem is that Will can only draw worms! Kids will have fun using their imaginations with this book.

The front cover has my three favourite colours on it – woohoo! The pages of this book are equally as bright and beautiful!

Will Mabbitt is an author and illustrator who lives “somewhere on the coast of England”. His first book was “The unlikely adventures of Mabel Jones” and he has also published “This is not a fairy tale” and “This is not a bedtime story”. I can’t wait to try those, Will’s writing has a fantastic sense of humour.


This is book is hilarious! I give it ten worms out of ten!

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