Hats of faith

Written by Medeia Cohan

Illustrated by Sarah Walsh

Hats of faith is a beautiful, inclusive board book which looks at many of the different types of headwear worn by people of different faiths.

Each page shows a gorgeously illustrated portrait of a man or woman, the name of their hat/headwear and a short description of who would wear a hat like this.

Medeia Cohan has made this book so simple and accessible for young children to explore hats of faith. Medeia has even provided a helping hand on how to pronounce each name. This is Medeia’s first children’s book and I very much hope that it will not be her last.

Sarah Walsh is an illustrator who lives in Kansas city. She originally started out working as an illustrator for Hallmark Cards and after branching out on her own, has now worked on a number of projects including children’s books, colouring books and home decor.

The last page of this book has the most wonderful message for young children:

“Learning about each other makes it easy to be more understanding. Being understanding helps us spread love and peace.”

I whole heartedly recommend this book!

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