The Green Giant

Written and illustrated by Katie Cottle

The Green Giant is a story about a young girl called Bea who goes on a summer holiday at her Grandad’s house in the country with her sausage dog called “Iris”. One day, while Grandad is busy pottering in the garden, Iris runs off chasing a cat and Bea frantically tries to find her. Whilst looking for Iris, Bea finds a wonderful greenhouse full of plants and… A green giant. Bea spends the summer holiday playing with her new green friend. When she returns home, everything seems a little grey, but with some help from her giant friend, she manages to add a little greenery to her home city.

Katie Cottle is an illustrator and picture book maker from Swansea! She now lives in Bristol. The Green Giant is her debut children’s book (it was only published on the 7th March so is hot off the press). I love how Katie’s illustrations really create the sense of a green oasis. I also wish my camera would show the brightness of the orange on the front cover properly. It’s fab!

This book is a great conversation starter about the importance of nature and the benefits of plants.

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